In the fast-paced world we live in today; it’s easy for anyone to become forgetful or get distracted. But for adults with ADHD, their difficulty maintaining attention negatively impacts their life in numerous ways. Problems begin to surface at work, in relationships, and at home. If you’re concerned you may have ADHD, here are some signs to look out for.

Can’t Relax

The ADHD sufferer’s hyperactivity and restlessness make it difficult for them to relax. If you have ADHD, you may frequently find it difficult or almost impossible to do things that require a quiet mind, such as staying seated during an entire movie or meditating.

Trouble Concentrating

If you’re easily distracted or have trouble focusing on simple tasks, this is a sign you may have ADHD. Your difficulty concentrating may cause problems at work, such as not paying attention in meetings or tests in relationships because you’re distracted during conversations.

Lack of Organization

Responsibilities such as your career, maintaining your home, paying bills on time, and caring for children and aging parents can become unmanageable for adults with ADHD. Your difficulty staying organized can cause problems such as misplaced work documents or lights being shut off from unpaid bills.


If you find yourself often running late, missing deadlines at work, and piling up laundry in your room, these symptoms of procrastination are signs you may have ADHD. Adults with ADHD tend to procrastinate because of their distractibility, difficulty focusing, and trouble handling mundane tasks.

Bad Temperament

If you have angry outbursts, then find yourself immediately over it while your friend or loved one is still reeling from the exchange; this is a sign that you may have ADHD.

Impulsivity and Risk Taking

Adults with ADHD tend to take risks and be impulsive. You might buy something expensive on a whim, have unprotected sex, drive recklessly, or yell out thoughts that hurt or offend others. If you find yourself acting on impulse without considering possible repercussions, this is a sign that you may have ADHD.

Although ADHD is often self-diagnosable, it’s essential to consult with a trained mental health professional. Some of the symptoms of ADHD, such as trouble concentrating and risk-taking, are also associated with bipolar disorder, depression, and other mental health issues. Getting the proper diagnosis is an essential first step on your road to wellness.

If you think you may have ADHD and want to consult with a licensed and experienced mental health professional, contact my office today so we can schedule an appointment.

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