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    Personal Growth

    Personal growth is also known as self-development or personal development. It involves the growth and enhancement of all aspects of the person, the person’s feelings about himself or herself, and their effectiveness in living. It includes the development of positive life skills and the development of realistic and healthy self-esteem. 

    Personal development involves mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth that allows a person to live a productive and satisfying life within the customs and regulations of their society. This is achieved through the development of life skills.

    These life skills, skills necessary for successfully living a productive and satisfying life, generally fall into one of several categories:

    1. feeling about self
    2. intimacy
    3. family
    4. friends community
    5. job
    6. leisure

    They include recognizing and describing one’s feelings, giving and receiving feedback, recognizing assumptions, setting realistic and attainable goals, and employing problem-solving strategies.

    Increased personal growth and development is the goal of a wide range of men and women. It includes those who suffer from problems in their relationship with others or suffer emotionally with low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression. It also includes marginally successful or even very successful individuals in life but who want to improve their efficiency, ability to be and feel intimate and relate to others, and/or their general level of satisfaction with and enjoyment of living.

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